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Batching Cocktails


Cocktails are the best and key ingredients to any good party. But if you want to spend more time in party mixing with people and being a good host, than batching out is the best option.

here are few suggestions on how to streamline serving drinks to a thirsty crowd?.

Just remember the word – CACTUS

Check the proportion  –

Check the recipe of the cocktail you decide on to serve to your guests and break the drink down by proportions.

For Eg. if a cocktail comprised of 1 1/2 oz., 3/4 oz, 3/4 oz. breaks it down into a ratio of 2-1-1.

Once figured out, its simple to apply the same proportions to parts, cups, glasses, etc. and mix according to the expected guest list.

Avoid Eggs  –

If you are planing to have egg based drink, than avoid missing mixing it in the entire batch, keep it simple for the single serve.

Mixing in the batch might separate from the rest of the ingredients.

Consider Punch –

Now since the proportions are measured, it eliminates the added step of someone having to shake and strain each drink.

Simply mix the punch in a big bowl, add big rock of Ice and let the guest serve their own drink. Mix it, set it and forget it.

Think diluting –

Dilution simplifies batching cocktails, just combine ingredients, add water, chill and serve.

you can determine the amount of water to add by weighing a single serving of the cocktail.

Use tea or flavoured syrups –

You’re probably already making a simple syrup, so why not throw in some fresh mint or some other herb .

You can start with a Gimlet as your base and can quickly turn that into a combination of gin, citrus, mint syrup and maybe a chamomile tea.

Save sparklers for the end –

If you want to serve a festive fizzer, anything with bubbles—like sparkling wine, club soda and tonic will go flat if you mix things ahead of time.

so add those in right before serving.

So have fun and enjoy the party & Cheers …


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